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A guy and a nurse on the street bump into each other and create an instant connection. When the nurse asks the man for his address, he tells her that he lives just right around the corner. The blonde nurse arrives at his apartment later on during the night in her charismatic very very little uniform. With her big melons snug in her shirt, the man's rod grew with excitement. He force feed his rod deep into her loving throat and then slides it in between her fleshy melons. He ate her rear end out before slamming her twat with his big hard-on! He couldn't keep his hands off of her huge melons, he squeezed and admired them through-out the bang session.

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Arch-sadist zara took a bestial joy in inflicting pain – so much so that she had had a special torture-chamber constructed solely for his purpose: Zara took equal joy in torturing persons of either sex: Today, a slave stunner by the name of Lydia was selected to be the subject of her perverse ministrations.

Moaning in terror, Lydia squirmed and struggled with the desperation of a crazed wildcat-but all in vain. Within seconds, they had ropes around her wrists and ankles and she was brutally divested of her last scrap of clothing…

Viciously the hooded tormentors spun the ratchets until her whole body went taut with the strain and she felt as if her arms and legs would be torn from their sockets. They went on turning the wheels of the rack, streching her limbs to the utmost limit of human endurance… At long last, Zara called a temporary halt.

Motioning the others aside, Zara took her stance in front of the spreadeagled victim. Raised her vicious whip and brought it down with all her strength across Lydia's naked, helpless body. Zara wielded her whip in a frenzy of sadistic passion…again and again she brought the cruel lingerie down on the spreadangled victim. When eventually she stopped, it was because her muscles failed her. She ordered the tormentors to take her down.

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Here at the best toon painful site around, even the most muscular and masculine men become humble harlots to their lady masters! There's plenty of whipping and spankings to please your every painful desire. While most of the dominating masters are females, there are a handful of hombres who turn the tables and put the woman at the center of pain. While joy and pain are the main focal points of these painful lovers, there is a very very little bit of humiliation involved that adds to the power struggle of who is dominating who. Most subject themselves with ease, while others would like some time to get comfortable with being abused in the art of bondage.

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